July 11 2019 0Comment

Hurricanes in Iowa? Disasters can happen anytime.

Hurricanes in Iowa? Not likely, but that doesn’t mean disaster could not strike at any time! When you think of a catastrophic event or (CAT) for short, images of a hurricane slamming into a coastal city are probably one of the first things to come to mind. While those events do occur, we shouldn’t forget about the multiple variations of possible CAT events that also could happen from anywhere across the country. Part of living around some of the more disaster-prone areas can involve gauging this threat level and making appropriate plans to take care of whatever may happen.

What’s the old saying? “Better Safe than Sorry!”

It’s nice to imagine a world were disasters never occur. It would also be nice to have money grows on trees and for a cheeseburger to be as healthy as a salad. Sadly, this is not the world that we live in. So, as long as where these occurrences can happen, it’s crucial for your company to have some kind of contingency plan. And while it may not be necessary for every company to have a CAT team, preparing for the future is never a bad exercise! 

Part of what ends up really making or breaking the effectiveness of a company’s planning is how organized it is. To help illustrate this and assist with your planning, below you will find the 4 P’s of Preparation that outline the PHX CAT emergency plan: 


  1. What happens to the jobs that I’m already working on when a new disaster happens?
  2. How do I decide which job to complete first? 
  3. Which jobs has the largest threat to the population? Is there anyone in need of immediate help?


  1. Do I have enough team members to tackle a “CAT” sized job?
  2. How will I avoid overworking my team, and how will I handle scheduling in general? 
  3. What if my employees are also impacted by the disaster?


  1. Do I have the equipment needed for a CAT event? 
  2. How will I get the equipment I need?
  3. How will I get my equipment to the job site if the roads are closed? 


  1. What is the process for deciding what jobs I will accept or decline? (Phoenix can help with this)
  2. How will I scope out this job? (We got you covered here)
  3. Who will keep track of all these needed documents? (Yup, we do this too)
  4. How will I track my expenses with a job this size? (And this)
  5. Who is completing the Xactimate estimates? (You get the point) 

CAT events can obviously be extremely stressful events that require a lot of time and effort to even start to recover from. 

Hopefully with the tools our PHX Platform can provide, you will be able to plan more accordingly and be more prepared to take on the challenges that are presented. 

Please contact us today to learn more about how our team and Platform can help when you need it most!