August 05 2019 0Comment

Time Saving Life Hacks for the Busy Contractor.

How often do you catch yourself running out time in your day because of the endless amount of tasks and small jobs that always seem to accumulate? If you are anything like the writer of this blog, it happens more often than you would like to admit. The modern world is full of people trying to cram in more tasks and objectives as they can into the time they are on the clock. And that makes sense because getting something done quickly and efficiently means that they won’t have to worry about it as much moving forward.


Unfortunately, however, this ends up leading to an overflow of tasks in any given day. This might not be bad for the person who is completing the tasks (they are doing so to save themselves time in the long-run), but what about all of the other people that this involves? How should they know when somebody finishes something early, or (more frequently) ends something late so they can do something else in the present? 


This situation happens all too often, and confusion usually ensues. Workplaces expect you to be on time. They expect you to adapt accordingly when somebody higher up is late with work and needs you to finish the rest in a shortened amount of time. The list goes on and on. This can be a huge problem, not only with productivity issues for yourself but also with the cohesiveness and productivity of the work environment. If your boss is late turning in his work, why should you be on time anyway?


Let Phoenix step in to help. The platform hosts a few different tools that are extremely useful for quickly processing any information.


One feature on the software system that helps with saving time is the discussion section of each job. Here, you can instantly communicate with all of the people involved in that specific job. You can also reach out to them individually from the same location on the platform. This way, no matter where someone is or how late it is, when they complete the task, everyone can know that it is done. As well as, be aware of any additional comments that the person completing the task felt should be shared. 


The Quick “Not To Exceed” Builder is another precious time-saving device worth discussing. This tool works similarly to the discussion, where transparency is vital. But in this section, we utilize it, so everybody in the job has a comprehensive data entry system for the job. This way, your parent company can set pricing for equipment, customers can approve and view job details, and everything is added up for you and easily visible. This function also allows users to approve certain job aspects right from the discussion platform. Taking away from lengthy wait times spent trying to find people all over the job and everywhere else, trying to chase down approval for (usually minute) details. The best part about this function is that it is all centrally located, meaning nobody involved has to learn a different set of skills than the rest; it is all the same system!


These features and more within the Phoenix system have and regularly continue to save time and unnecessary effort all through the restoration industry. With all the distractions and changes in the modern world, people can no longer afford to lose out on valuable time.