August 27 2019 0Comment

Lice, Bugs, Germs  – oh my!


September is fast approaching. Can you feel it? Days are getting darker earlier, pumpkin spice subtly wafts through the air, don’t forget the slight tinge of cold air when you step outside which causes goosebumps on your legs.


Wait a minute…


Hate to break up the daydream – those aren’t goosebumps.

Kids are back in school and you know what that means. Kids are surrounded by others who may not have as delicate cleaning procedures that you have introduced into your own household. Kids are sharing hats, eye makeup, food, you name it.


If you notice an infestation on your job site – stop work immediately. Section everything off and get OUT OF THERE. Bed bugs are a lot like ticks and will latch on to you, follow you around, take part of your lunch (and you for lunch), and infiltrate your home and workplace. 


It’s not new to us that when working within a home, you need to check for infestations of disease or bugs. It’s just not fun to deal with. So, what are the ways to fix this pest of a problem?


  1. Heat. If you’re going to use heat, you need to use high heat and a lot of it. Heating the bugs out of the mattresses, clothing or carpets is useful but hard work. Apply 130+ degrees heat directly to the affected areas. If you’re doing the whole home, expect 6-8 hours of work. 
  2. Chemicals. We all love a good chemical to kill pests. With bed bugs and live infestations, you’ll need to do a few treatments of chemical to completely eradicate them. If you’re on a time crunch, chemicals may not be the best pick. But for a small job, they’ll do just fine. 
  3. Fumigation. Costly, yes, but effective. Fumigation is when an area, like a home or moving truck, is closed off and gas is exposed. How it works is the gas released replaces the oxygen in the air causes the bed bug and their eggs to suffocate and die. Fumigation is the most expensive treatment, but its 100% the most effective. 


Between large infestations of bed bugs, or nits that have seeped into the carpeting from lice, even the pet dog bringing in fleas from outside – knowing ample ways to treat varying levels of pests gives you a better handle on the jobsite and can keep your work moving forward.