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Types of Winter Storms

A winter storm usually occurs when varieties of precipitation are formed when ground temperatures are low enough for ice to form. Often, the term “winter storms” is used as a catchall to describe many different types of winter weather events. However, as contractors, it is vital to understand the differences so we can better prepare ourselves. Below is a quick description of each of these events.

Blizzards are winter storms that combine blowing snow and high wind, resulting in low visibility. It is often assumed that heavy snowfall and severe cold must accompany blizzards, but this is not always the case. In some instances, blizzards are pick up snow that has previously fallen, creating a ground blizzard.

Ice Storm:
An ice storm occurs when an accumulation of at least “.25” of ice on exposed surfaces. These types of storms are notorious for creating dangerous driving conditions and breaking branches and power lines.

Polar Vortex:
A polar vortex is essentially strong cyclonic winds from the arctic regions weakening and heading south. These vortexes are considered extremely dangerous because it causes acute winter weather within the United States. Bringing air temperatures down to arctic-like conditions!

Whatever storm is coming your way, it’s best to prepare your home or organization form deep freezes. Check out our other articles on how to prep your home for the winter.