Category: construction


When considering the needs of businesses involved in the restoration industry, you may think of concrete things– perhaps more humidifiers or cleaning supplies. After all, a lot of the work restoration businesses are doing is very physical. Cleaning up after a fire, remedying water damage, and preventing mold growth require actual tools to get the […]

Property Management

There’s no debating the impact technology has had on every industry recently. Over the past ten years, almost every sector has experienced massive disruptions and overalls. Almost no industry is safe– including property management.   The change from traditional business to a more technologically run institution is something that most are undergoing. This transition may […]


Technology is advancing so fast we almost can’t keep up. Our homes, vehicles, and work lives are constantly becoming more automated, and with this more efficient (for example, check out the “baby mop”: The construction industry may not be thought of as being highly techy, but it hasn’t escaped the technological wave.   Once considered […]

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