About Us


In late 2017, co-founders Ray Bertka and Christopher Cutter set out to improve the restoration claims industry by launching its flagship job management platform, PHXRestore.

With its first major industry partner, DKI, Phoenix Solutions, and PHXSelect ran thousands of jobs, learning and iterating. As customers began to discover the power of our software’s transparency, they soon wanted to leverage our workflow engine to optimize their processes.

With our hundreds of contractors nationwide, PHXSelect helps property management companies, insurance agents, franchises, and homeowners rest easy through any emergency.


Restoration Management


Innovation continues to drive the insurance claims industry forward to help customers have better experiences and help contractors deliver quality results with ease.

Restoration Software


Our empathy for your situation, respect for your internal processes, and desire to help in times of need is what we thrive on to keep our relationships healthy between our clients and our team.

Experienced restoration


We don’t force you to fit inside our box; we mold the box around you.

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