Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, we’re here to help.

What can PHX Select do for me?

PHXSelect can help you respond to and effectively manage any emergency mitigation service you may need. Built on the backbone of our nationwide network of providers, we can help select the right contractor for you, dispatch them to serve you in your time of need, and effectively manage them through the entire process.

How much does the PHX Service cost?

The services and software offered to you the customer is entirely FREE. You pay for the services provided by the contractor as you usually would. Our pricing lists and estimating tools ensure you get the fairest price for all of the services offered.

Where is PHX Select Available?

PHXSelect’s reach is nationwide across the entire United States; one of our partner providers can be anywhere under two hours. Contact us today to see if our coverage map lines up with your properties.

Can PHX Select help with my Emergency Planning?

At PHXSelect, we have years of experience helping companies create, test, and execute Emergency Preparedness Plans. Schedule a demo with us to see how we can help you prepare for the unforeseen, reduce your downtime, and keep you informed.

How can PHX Select help me in response to COVID-19?

PHXSelects team of expert technicians are  IICRC certified and utilize cutting edge EPA approved solutions and methodologies to ensure your place of work or property is safe for you. We have been responding to reports and incidents on a national level since late January 2020 and have the expertise to make you and your patrons feel safe.

Take control of your emergency with PHXSelect.