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Proper planning and creating a safe environment for both employees and customers to reduce the risk of further spread of Covid-19 is more critical now than ever as our Nation’s businesses, offices, and facilities begin to reopen. With a network of approved, trusted, and licensed disinfection professionals, PHXSelect has been able to develop processes, procedures, customizable disinfection routine cleanings, and emergency response plans in the event of any virus exposure or outbreak. 

By utilizing the PHXRestore Platform or PHXConnect Portal, PHXSelect can have a disinfection professional onsite within 2 hours nationwide, ready to disinfect with state of the art disinfection equipment, limiting business interruption, keeping you apprised every step along the way.

I was very happy at the response time and blown away by the determination and dedication of our PHX Select coordinator!

What is included

PHXRestore Portal Access

Our software suite allows for contractors to get you information quickly, helps create open lines of communication, and gives you the ability to track all progress from anywhere. When the job is complete, download the overview report, so you have a paper record of everything performed with all supporting documentation. It’s easy to use and is made to get in and out, only performing relevant tasks to your project’s progress.

Dedicated Coordination & Customer Support Team

The PHXSelect Coordination and Customer Support teams are standing by 24/7 to ensure your emergency is handled quickly and properly. They will guide and support you to make sure you understand timelines, deliverables, and the tools at your disposal to ensure your satisfaction.

3-Year Workmanship Warranty

PHXSelect and its contractor network take pride in limiting business interruption, transparent communication, integrity, and reliability due to its 24x7x365 availability to assist both commercial and residential properties alike. PHXSelect Contractors warranty their work and craftsmanship for a minimum of three years.

Take control of your emergency with PHXSelect.